Relax in a Comfy Theater Seat

We'll build your new custom home theater chairs

Your kids know that they can't sit in "your" armchair when your family gathers around the TV. But after ZAAP Theaters installs a custom home theater in your house, your kids can call dibs on the cushy theater seat of their choice in your home movie theater. Our master craftsmen build and install stylish, comfortable theater seats. And you won't need to break the bank to achieve the look you want because we'll work within your budget.

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Select your ideal seating

Select your ideal seating

Don't put run-of-the-mill seats in your movie theater. Instead, let the professionals at ZAAP Theaters help you select incredible seats for your entertainment space. You won't be overwhelmed by options, because we'll offer expert advice each step of the way.

We'll help you decide on:

  • Material. You can choose from fiber, leather or synthetic.
  • Features. You'll enjoy customizing your chairs with state-of-the-art technology, like LCD touchscreens.
  • Seat risers. Even if you're sitting in the back row, you'll be able to see the screen easily.

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