Entertain in Style

Impress your guests with a custom entertainment center

You enjoy inviting people over to cheer on their favorite teams or watch the latest movie blockbuster. But you're tired of craning your neck to take in the grainy TV perched on a makeshift stand.

ZAAP Theaters has the cure for your TV-watching ills. We'll listen to your preferences and use what we learn to create a stunning entertainment center. You won't need to lift a finger, because we'll take care of mounting your flat-screen TV, crafting a custom TV stand and installing the speakers and LED lighting.

Are you already dreaming of astonishing your friends and family at the next viewing party? Call today to schedule your installation.

Don't risk having your TV come crashing down

Don't risk having your TV come crashing down

If you're considering mounting that hi-def, 70-inch flat-screen TV by yourself, think again. The skilled team at ZAAP Theaters knows that a faulty installation can lead to the ruin of your TV. You might also damage your wall.

When you hire us to take care of the mounting, we'll make sure everything is done right by:

  • Using a stud finder to locate studs and fire blocks
  • Buying the right sized cords for the job
  • Hiding the cables in the wall
  • Making sure the TV is level
  • Cleaning up after the installation

Contact us now to get a free estimate on TV mounting services. After we install your state-of-the-art display, you can rest easy knowing that the TV will stay on the wall permanently.